Emergency Drop Off

When our eldest son Matthew was to be deplored to Iraq in 2003; we planned a farewell dinner at Harbor Lights in Tacoma before he left.  Unfortunately, that week a dear cousin of mine passed away and subsequently my family scheduled a memorial service planning session for that same evening.  Since I was unable to attend, the least of my responsibility was that we get my parents there.  My father was to be the officiant for the service.   Linnea and I allowed plenty of time to drive around, pick Mom and Dad up in Federal Way and get them to north Seattle.  We would then meet Matthew, his girlfriend, his father/wife in Tacoma before he departed from Ft Lewis later that night.

But, on that particular November day, the Seattle traffic was incredibly heavy.  Having left with lots of time to do the pickup, we found ourselves barely creeping towards Seattle.  Finally, with less than an hour left to meet Matthew who was flying out that night, we were merely approaching China Town.  In desperation, I contacted one of the cousins who was already at the north end and have him come back and pick up my parents at the barber salon near Auntie Grace’s apartment.  This arrangement was done quickly and apparently without my parents (hard of hearing) knowing anything.  The salon was lit and warm, so we left them there saying that one of the cousins will be there soon.  (They were fighting traffic as well.)  Linnea and I left headed towards Tacoma.

Unbeknown to any of us, the salon closed at 7 pm and left my parents outside on the street waiting for over one hour!  It was dark, and they were cold.

To this day, my Mom still tells stories of me ‘dumping’ them on the street in the middle of nowhere in Seattle on a cold November night!!

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  1. Laughing at the Phi Beta Kappa story. Never heard that before.
    Hope the chemo does not produce even more paresthesias.

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