Health Update: 2 June 2018

My apologies for the slight delayed reporting.  I had my scheduled Chemo session on the 31 May without any glitches and I tolerated the treatment well.  All my usual lab tests were acceptable.  Physically I feel well, and I look like a picture of health.  I deferred writing this report because I was a little disappointed and felt a little depressed that my Ca 19-9 went the wrong direction, from 966 to >1700 u/ml.  It seems my current regimen is not ‘winning.”  Hoping to participate in an appropriate clinical trial soon.

My only morbidity is approximately 90% paresthesia of both of my feet; but I am managing well with my walking sticks.  The PT gave and taught me helpful hints and exercises on how to fall to minimize the possibilities of breaking any bony structures.  We also developed a program to attempt to increase the blood flow to the extremities.  Furthermore, these exercises will strengthen the body mass.

Good news is that on May 26th, Linnea, Brother Dan/Sue (wife) and I took a little vacation and flew to Phoenix, AZ.  We spent one day visiting Sedona, another day at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, and our last day at the magnificent Grand Canyon.  A most wonderful change of scenery and weather.  Much gratitude and appreciation to Dan for driving and making all the arrangements.  We all had a wonderful time.

Thanks Friends and Relatives for visiting this site.  Keep up your Prayers and your Good Karma coming my way.

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