Health Update 6 April 2018

Returned to Virginia Mason yesterday on the 7: 55 Seattle ferry for a routine Chemo Therapy session. All blood works continued improving slowly toward normality. Asked about new symptoms, I can only say that the GI system was more active with difficulty eating because of the thinning and much increased sensitivity of the mouth and cheek membrane. Even eating a soft croissant hurts because it is ‘rough’ on the cheek mucosal lining. Frequency on the other end was also problematic. Additionally, I felt sleepy a lot. I shut my eyes and I’m asleep. Waiting in line behind Linnea for communion Sunday during the short contemplative time, I truly felt asleep, momentarily, standing upright. I can cope with all this; I am reasonably comfortable. Despite the fatigue, I have enough energy to walk 1 mile with Linnea every other day.

A recap on the factors the doctors consider in determining our present status:
1. General Health
2. Physical Exam and general impression
3. Laboratory tests: CBC, Electrolytes, Liver and Kidney function, etc. Most important to me… the CA antigen 19-9, (TUMOR MARKER)
Remember it was not long ago it shot up to 3300u/ml ?
4 weeks ago, it began to reverse, first good sign.
Today it came in at 1076.7u/ml compared to 1173.9u/ml two weeks ago, I’ll take it even though it is only a 10% change. (may only indicate lab tolerance since normal is <37u/ml.)
4. CT Scan (scheduled next month)

I’ve managed to complete and file our 2017 1040 income tax document. We are planning a leisurely trip to Portland to visit Linnea’s siblings next week. I also have signed up for our Bethany’s Men’s retreat at the end of this month. We are making the most out of living life fully.

Thanks for visiting for I feel privileged of your care and concerns. Hope all’s well with all of you. Update after my next treatment 4/19/2018.

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