Health Update: 23 March 2018

I had a routine Chemo therapy session yesterday, 3/22. My blood works were reasonable with expected persistent anemia and lower protein and albumin level (though not quite low enough to be causing shortness of breath nor pedal edema). The Neulasta shot given two days after the infusions has maintained the white blood cell levels at normal range allowing my Chemo treatment regimen to remain on schedule. Another sign of ‘improvement’ is that the CA 19-9 correspondingly came down from over 3300+u one month ago; 1738u two weeks ago, and yesterday it registered 1174u!!! Heading the right direction.

I have had mild paresthesia of my hand/fingers and feet for some time secondary to the side effects of Oxaliplatin. Even though that medicine was completed 6 weeks ago, and the symptoms were slowly disappearing, but during these last two weeks I sensed more tingling and numbness, especially in my feet. Dr. Picozzi informed me that this is also a side effect to Abraxane. He was ready to decrease my dosage to 75%. I promised to monitor my progress and when/if it becomes more problematic, we’ll cut the dose then. I don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ when I am seemingly improving. Dr. Picozzi concurred as long as I agreed not to minimize the side effects. Thus, my Chemo ‘cocktail’ consists of Abraxane, Leucovorin, Irinotecan and 5-FU, with daily infusion through my Power Port of a broad-spectrum antibiotic INVanz. So far, I am managing well.

Living life fully. Monday 3/19, my maternal cousin Pastor Andrew Chao and his wife Emily came from Houston for a visit. They stayed with us and we brought Mom here for a few days. We shared some quality precious times together. Showcasing Bainbridge Island, we toured our BI Museum of Art, our Bloedel Reserve, the Japanese Exclusion Memorial, drove around the environmental outdoor experience center and the Lynwood shopping area. They left this morning. We had a very good reunion.

Again, thanks for visiting. Thanks for your loving care and concerns.

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  1. Good progress in your medical report, Frank! We so appreciate the updates, and fascinating life stories you share.

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