Health Update: 8 March 2018

After completion of 6 cycles of treatment with Abraxane, Irinotecan, Leucovorin and 5-FU, Dr. Picozzi ordered a CT scan for today’s visit. We arrived at 8am, had blood drawn, port reassessed, and proceeded to drink 24 oz contrast liquid and concluded with an uneventful scan procedure.

We were again placed in our usual private infusion room and shortly thereafter, Dr. Picozzi arrived and consulted with Linnea and me. Basically, he was feeling upbeat and eager to report to us a little good news. The blood works were acceptable, the CA 19-9 is treading down significantly for the first time in a long while, from over 3300u to 1700u. AND, the CT showed slight decrease in size of all metastatic lesions! Possibly beginning to be heading toward the right direction, hopefully!!!

Thanks for all the Good Karma you all are sending my way.

Brother Dan figured it out that I have about 4 days of improved energy level prior to each Chemo session. He arranged for Linnea and me to fly to Mesquite, NV to soak in a little sun and appreciate some new scenery. (We left on Saturday 3/3 and returned on 3/7, just in time for the 3/8 Chemo session.) Of course, exercising in the form of golfing on courses that are ‘playable’ was NOT a disincentive. We played 2 rounds on the Conestoga course with roughhewn terrain, flashy bunkers and mountain panoramas on Sunday and Tuesday, perfect remedy to our rainy NW. On Monday we toured St. George, UT with its Mormon Temple and Tabernacle, then we drove to the Zion National Park, covering three states by intruding through a small section of AZ.

You are now up-dated. All’s Good. Thanks be to God.

p.s. after returned home we were told that was two pipe bombs found incidentally while a passerby noted someone dropped a bag and left. While we were visiting St George. The authority was notified, and they took the bag to the football field and blew it up. It was activated and was filled with shrapnel and nails, and other sharp implements. Idyllic little quiet Mormon town St. George!

Thanks to all of you, my fervent supporters and cheer-leaders.

6 thoughts on “Health Update: 8 March 2018

  1. Franklin and Linnea,
    Just read the update – very pleased to hear Dr. Picozzi had such news. Keep em coming!
    I’m not surprised at the healing balm of NV, UT and Az – – plus golf and warmer days. You and Linnea deserved a break and it sounded ideal.

    I’m glad you are keeping us up to speed with the blog. Thank you.


  2. Franklin, wonderful to read your update and hear that there are some positive changes. It’s especially good to hear you sounding upbeat and encouraged. I must admit I’m a bit jealous of your well deserved junket to New Mexico!

  3. It was wonderful to read your good news today! So happy they are continuing to find ways to keep you on your meaningful journey.
    Love hearing your news.

  4. Dear Franklin and Linnea,

    We have received your vignettes in the mail a few days ago. Thank you so much for such a precious gift with so many heartfelt memories. We love reading your blogs and keeping updated on your memories and daily life – they’re such a pleasure to read. All these memories are so wonderful and we love how you have taken upon this project to publish them. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. God has blessed you and will continue to do so in the years to come, we have faith in this. We love you!

    Your most faithful readers,

    The Fu family

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