Health Report: 8 February, 2018

We left Bainbridge on the 7:05 ferry to Virginia Mason for an 8:00 am appointment slightly late. Had 2-16 oz clear fluid to consume one hour prior to the CT Scan with contrast at 9:00 am. Blood was drawn in the interim. After the scan, we returned to the Oncology Infusion Center and was positioned in a relatively large room.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Picozzi arrived. He reported that my blood work indicates a ‘GO’ for Chemo treatment today. We again questioned him about the CA19-9 exponential rise, but he tried hard to reassure us that based on his experience we should not place too much credence on that number. At the time of his consultation today’s result was not yet available.

After about another 30 minutes, Dr. Woolston reported that my blood results were stable and encouraging from the infectious disease perspective. That I had not developed any fever or side effects were all good. The non-descriptive metastatic ‘abscess’ at the dome of the liver appeared to have increased in size slightly. Possibly it may represent further tumor growth, or just as likely that it’s a more widened ‘battle field’ of antibiotic activities. We concurred that since I am managing my current regimen, I wished to continue infusing the daily IV antibiotics myself until/or if I develop sensitivity or intolerance. I asked if there’s maximal dosage I am approaching, she assured me that was not a concern.

We tolerated the Chemo infusions well. The Irinotecan lived up to its reputation today. Possibly my drinking 32 oz of fluid prior to the CT scan and the added fluid of Chemo infusion plus my consuming a can of Canada Dry Ginger ale all contributed to my ‘I ran to the can’ multiple time within hours.

Presently I am wearing my slow infusion pump of 5-FU on my belt loop until Saturday. I’ll get another injection of the magic WBC booster Neulasta, price two weeks ago was $17000, mysteriously today it was lowered from to $6300 – $6600 range for the 6mg/0.6ml shot. Must not be more than I who complained. Two days after the Neulasta shot, I do suffer severe bilateral knee pain/soreness, gastrocnemius (calf) muscle weakness and planta fasciitis of about 7 out of 10 for 3-4 days, making resting and sleeping very difficult. I find myself rather grouchy on those days. Not my finest moments.

Further good news, the CA 19-9 marker rose only less than 70 points, (as contrasted to a rise of 1200+ points at my last appointment) this change is most likely within margin of error tolerance. At the least, it appears stabilized for this period of time. Thanks be to God. I feel much less anxious and more composed with today’s finding.

Thanks deeply again to ALL my friends and relatives reading this because I cannot justly and honorably express my appreciation to you.

Just a reminder for those interested, February 16,1918 is Chinese New Year Day. (Remember, each mascot is matched with a known element of Fire, Earth, Metal {literally gold}, Water and Wood in ancient time to mark the passing years. Each complete cycle would represent 60 years, (two life spans). This year is considered Year 4715 according to the Chinese Calendar, Round #785, cycle #11, year of the Golden Dog, (Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors would be much sought after.) Of course, Chinese history dates much further back before this calendar accounting system was created.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Prosperity, Pleasure, Joy and Cheerfulness; Most of all Good Health for the coming year and beyond.

My LOVE to ALL !!!