Matthew Visit in Germany Experienced Best Air Flight Service Ever !!!

When Matthew was stationed at Germany in 1995, we visited him around the period of the German Oktoberfest.  We used Baumholder where he was stationed as our home-base but one long weekend we traveled east through very dreary Slovakia, Poland into Czech Republic. Prague was simply beautiful and drastically different.  (The principal site of one of Tom Cruise’s Missions Impossible movies.)  That bridge shown in the show does not do justice to witnessing the real thing in person.  Very talented Classic musicians played beautiful music everywhere.  There were also multiple free concerts in the evening at beautiful church venues.  People were friendly and helpful.  An unforgettably wonderful experience and lasting memory.

From Bomholder, we were flying to Italy to visit our friends Tom and Maureen Jurcak.  Baumholder was equal distant from Frankfurt and the Luxembourg airports, but the flight cost from Luxembourg was actually cheaper!  I believe it was Lux Air (although I no longer can find that airline via Google) that transported us to Frankfurt for the same flight to Italy.  Needless to say we left earlier to get to Luxembourg to board our plane, but it would be a new country we can mark as having ‘visited.’

Well it was quite an experience flying Lux Air.  As we walked on to the plane via a red tarmac, we were passed a warm towel to clean our hands. Then we were served fresh squeezed orange juice before we walk up the stairs of the plane.  Our luggage was left to the handlers at the base of the plane stairs.  After we got on board and seated, the staff immediately served us croissant with cheese and eggs with a dish of fresh fruits, of cause asked us if we preferred tea or coffee.  After takeoff, we were given another warm fresh towel and a pastry dessert with a piece of fine chocolate.  On our departure, they also gifted us a small souvenir and thanked us profusely for choosing to fly with them!  All these pampering within a 30 minute flight!!  Those day are long gone,  with that we are all certain.

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