1994 continued…

Although 1994 was a disastrous year in many ways, it was also one of the best years in my life.  Following the breakup of my marriage, I became better acquainted with a fellow Bethany member, Linnea Enz. We had known one other through church and school activities for several years since her two children and my two oldest children were classmates, graduating in 1991 and 1993, respectively, from Bainbridge High School. (I had a younger child who would graduate in 1997.)

Linnea and I discovered that we had much in common, not the least being that we were both preachers’ kids, and despite our obvious cultural differences, had had similar experiences.  (Too much to blog here.  One of our kids may write a book someday!)  After a relatively short courtship, we were married on March 25, 1995.  Best thing that happened to me.  Linnea is kind and generous to all my relatives.  My 20+ cousins, (Chinese consider all as siblings) love her dearly and gladly address her as Da Sau, meaning eldest brother’s ‘better half.’

We’ve now been married for over 22 years and still enjoy the love and support of being each other’s best friend. Currently, Linnea, having just lost her Mother in late July, is not only caring for me with pancreatic cancer, but is also helping my Mother who has been staying with us as she recovers from hip replacement surgery performed on July 17, 2017.  Unfortunately, three days post-op Mom developed a clotting problem and a hematoma in her muscles as large as a grape fruit.  This continued to bleed and prevented the wound from healing.  Finally on October 19th, she underwent another procedure to hopefully remedy the problem and facilitate healing. Currently, Mom wears a wound-vac pump and needs to be checked by the wound care clinic twice a week, along with other medical appointments. My sister, Elizabeth, who had been the go-to person for Mom was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer; she had surgery on September 13th and has just started a chemo regimen.  Through all of this, Linnea provides loving care with patience, grace and cheerfulness touched by humor.  Nothing better could have happened to me in 1994 when I started courting Linnea.

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