May 3, 2016

Yesterday I had appointments with Jodhi, the Pan Can dietician, Dr. Picozzi, the oncologist, and Dr. Deal, the surgical resident of Dr. Helton who was in the OR doing another Whipple’s procedure.

The visit with the dietician was very enlightening and helpful.  Her point was that this experience with “gastric paresis” or inability of the stomach to empty is not unusual.  She said that many post Whipple’s patients start out this way, but that I was ‘spoiled’ by doing so well that this hit me as ‘out of the ordinary.’  She suggested foods which could be added to my current regiment to ‘ease’ me through the next few weeks in the attempt to maintain or slow the weight loss.  Linnea says she wished this information had been given to us earlier.

Dr. Picozzi reviewed the pathology report.  He felt that the good aspects of the findings ‘trump’ the one bad revelation that the cell type is Adenosquamous.  He also increased the dosage of Reglan from 5mg 3X per day to 10mg 4X per day.  He said that the surgery gives me a ‘chance’ of survival, but more Chemo is not just ‘insurance,’ but added probability of cure.  For certain, he recommends another course of different Chemo agents for at least 4 more treatments, then reassess.

Dr. Deal examined me and felt that I ‘looked healthy’ i.e. I don’t appear ‘sick.’  I should continue my new medicines and diet regiment and she would follow me via phone later this week and clinic follow-up in two weeks.

After the medical visits, we met a friend in town and I had a bowl of very tasty Mediterranean red lentil soup.  I managed to keep it down and slept well last night.

More updates as they develop.  Thanks for your interest and care

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