Thursday 4/28/2016

I apologize for the hiatus of health updates since 4/12/2016 for I was doing so well that I had nothing to report.  But my situation changed.  Unexpectedly, starting on 4/19 food that I had ingested began to pile up in my stomach and seemingly stopped moving forward.  Although I ate smaller portions throughout the day, at night prior to sleep, I would have to vomit and the entire day’s intake would be upchucked to relieve the constant bloated sensation that prevented any chance of rest let alone falling asleep.  This happened on a daily basis for a week, even though I was consuming only high protein liquids by the last two days.  Both Linnea and I were a little alarmed that I had lost about 10 lbs during this time period.  I was certain that I was developing scar tissue that was causing a constriction in my new digestive system.  We called the doctors and I was scheduled for an upper GI radiographic exam at Virginia Mason 4/26.

The exam revealed an excellent and healed Whipple anastamosis without constriction, and freely flowing contrast material going through the upper intestine.  The only finding of note is sluggish peristaltic action of the stomach and visible reflux up the esophagus.  Dr. Helton felt this “inactive” stomach is not unusual, but he was concerned of my continual weight lost.  Thus he prescribed new medication to stimulate proper stomach peristaltic action and for me to continue frequent oral intake of 6 meals per day.  Thus far, for whatever reason, since yesterday, I seem to be doing OK and feeling better, so much so that I have sufficient energy to write this report.  At no time in this past week did I feel like sitting down to write.  Now knowing that there’s no problem with the new anatomy of my digestive system, let’s hope that my problem will slowly resolve and I am back on the path to recovery.

Thanks to all of you for your care and concerns.  I apologize again for the delayed health report.