Tuesday 4/12/16

Post-op appointment was scheduled on this day with Dr. Helton, my surgeon, and for staple removal.  I am really doing miraculously well.  Yesterday, the Pathology report was posted and I  accessed it via my Virginia Mason portal.  It looked very good to me but I needed verification from the expert.  Dr. Helton was all ready to tell me the good news and appeared much disappointed that I already saw the report.  In summary, the best outcome was that I am N-18-0.  That meant all 18 extracted lymph nodes were cancer free.  The tumor itself measured 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm which is relatively small and was totally removed.  There were slight local invasions of the tumor cells onto the surface of the resected Portal vein and the outer edge of the resected Duodenum.  All good !!

The cell type of the tumor is officially classified as Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the Pancreas, Not a good one to have.  But Dr. Helton said that a) new Chemo will be more effective than what I had used previously which caused me to have pulmonary toxicity b) Squamous cell CA is more amenable to radiation treatment.  Thus, the Tumor Board will meet and make recommendation as to my next course of treatment.  For now, he felt very confident that he had removed all grossly visible pathology.  We know that this disease is insidious.  We’ll go after what microscopic cells that may persist in 4-6 weeks.

I appreciate your continual prayers and good thoughts.  I’m going to break chronology in my report, my Next Biographical entry will document other incidences that Mom says I only get worst cases of life and death experiences so God may demonstrate His Almighty Power through me.  She admonishes me to BE More Humble.

Meanwhile, I am going to attend a Mariners’ game with Pr. Paul and the Rohrscheibs today.  Dr. Helton gave me the OK to pitch and putt, so I’ll do a round of golf doing that with Steve Stenberg on Saturday.