April 6, 2016 Post-Op Day 5

I just wanted to give a brief update.  I was discharged yesterday after the Doctors made their rounds.  The blood work ordered for me showed all results were within normal limits (WNL.)  I was almost wanting to stay another day because of my own stupidity the night before!  When I was told I could start eating ‘real food’, for supper I had regular helpings of mashed potatoes with gravy, roast pork, and a dish of cooked apples.  This is not a big meal in my past, but for the first meal after a Whipple’s that was a big mistake!  I was full and uncomfortable all night, experienced more discomfort than anytime during post-op.

During the early morning rounds, the resident asked and said that if I wanted to stay another day I could.  But, thank God, I was able to work all that food out of my system naturally and by noon I got ready to come home.  Dr. Helton shamed  me in saying “You are supposed to be a smart fellow, and you do know that you have a new gut which needs time to learn to work!  Right?”  I promised no way will I do that again.

We got home without a hitch.  Pr. Paul had already moved a large recliner into my bed room for I needed to sleep rather vertically for a while.  Dan/Sue and Mom arrived, staying a week to help out.  My diet today, 1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast, 1/2 cup coffee for snack, 3/4 cup chicken porridge for lunch, apple sauce for snack, and steamed eggs for dinner.   Much more sensible.  I walked the loop around my house twice for exercise, and walked within the house, logging 1.5 miles today.  Not bad for POD 5.  Dr. Helton was as proud as I, saying that I, (his patient) have the bragging rights to have tied the record of the shortest hospital stay (4 days) post-op a Whipple’s procedure.

3 thoughts on “April 6, 2016 Post-Op Day 5

  1. Franklin,
    Truly a remarkable and miraculous recovery!! So happy you are able to be at home with Linnea and family visiting for love and support. Hoping one day soon, we can join you and Linnea for one of these Springtime walks. Keep up the good work! We will keep you in our prayers for your path report and dr. appt on Tuesday…
    Love, Maureen and Tom

  2. This feels like a miracle. I never heard of such a recovery after a Whipple operation. Wonderful news. Must be such a relief for you and Linnea and entire family.

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