“Tubeless in Seattle” April 4, 2016

First, let me express my deeply felt THANK YOU to all of you, dear friends and relatives, for your prayers and kind thoughts as well as your continual encouragement.  Your love and support truly have been uplifting for me.

The report from my surgeon, Dr. W Scott Helton is that my procedure went as well as possible, a perfect ‘Text Book’ case.  I had sufficient slack in the Portal Vein to make that anastomoses without having to do a saphenous vein harvest which could have prolonged the procedure another 2 hrs.  As it was, I was ‘out’ by anesthesia at 8:40, surgery began at 9:20, and was completed at 5:35.  I awoke @ 6:25 surrounded by medical personnel then family members by 6:37.  The ‘Michael Jackson’ drug works great!

My recovery has also been more than smooth.  I’m eating normal low fat, low fiber diet tonight.  All 7 ‘tubes’ I was connected to are out.  I asked whether I could go home tomorrow.  Dr. Helton finds no reason to keep me hospitalized, so he said to plan to be discharged tomorrow; one of the soonest ever after a Whipple’s procedure.

Thank You Lord.  Elizabeth ask if I knew Dr. Helton’s first name?  I said Scott, but it really is William.  So William operated on Franklin!  She thought that was not just coincidence, brother William was also pulling for me.

Again, Thanks and Gratitude from me to All.

2 thoughts on ““Tubeless in Seattle” April 4, 2016

  1. Dear Bethany Prayer Chain,

    The Chus have returned home! They are just now settling in, and looking to get Franklin his much needed and well deserved rest. They will be receiving a number of family members to their home today, and so at this time your prayers are the most important thing you can provide.

    In Thanksgiving,

    Pastor Paul

    Above is message from my Pastor who has been diligently watching over and informing all my ‘cheerleaders’ of my status. I am most grateful and I am posting his comments to the Prayer Chain.

  2. Great attitude and such a positive outlook, along w/ prayer is operational! Way to go and look forward to your first return to golf. Your an inspiration. Thanks for teaching us.

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