Health Update 28 June 2018

Again, we were on the 7:05 Seattle ferry for the scheduled Chemo session.  We arrived just in time for the 8 AM appointment and were escorted to Short Stay to access the Pic line for the CT Scan.  Blood was also drawn for test.

No other way to say it.  The test results were not good this time.  CT revealed multiple new lesions throughout the liver and belly, including new lesions in the subpleural area.  Dr. Picozzi and we were all obviously disappointed.  Current Chemo regiment has lost control.  Dr. Picozzi stopped the current treatment and entered me into a stage 2 clinical trial of which I am one of the first patients enrolled.  Recruitment is for 99 patients.

Before acceptance, I had to have an eye exam to document my cataract status.  I’ll get an EKG and more blood work, and I am scheduled for a PET scan Tuesday to document the extent for the metastasis.

Since Chemo has been suspended, the daily infusion of antibiotics have been terminated as well.  The visiting nurse removed my Pic line on Friday and today I enjoyed being able to shower for the first time in nearly seven months!

I apologize for feeling down; I have procrastinated in writing this report.  When my daughter Catherine in Boston heard this news, she immediately arranged for her family of five with 3 grandchildren to visit Mon-Thurs.  Son, David and family of four with two granddaughters came over and spent the night of July third.  We enjoyed each other immensely and had a grand time.  The 5 grandchildren, ages 1,2,4,10,11 could raise anyone’s spirits.  Now my step-son Matthew, Kattarina and 5-year-old Ariana are here for the week-end.  I feel well supported.

The doctor placed me on an anti-depressive, hoping to resolve some of my neuropathy as well as elevate my mood.  But it makes me sleepy all the time.  If I sit, I’ll close my eyes and sleep, sometimes for hours.

WE are hopeful that this clinical trial will do some good.  First report will be after four weeks.  I’ll update a report then.

6 thoughts on “Health Update 28 June 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing with us how you’re feeling, Frank, up or down. You’ve been Superman in this battle, no one could have faced it with more courage and optimism. We’ve never known anyone with a more devoted (and large!) family, who are by your side in good as well as hard times like this. No doubt you are loved!

  2. So sorry for this setback. I am so impressed with your will and spirit and ability to find joy in the little things in life like taking a shower! You both continue to be in prayers that God will take good care of you and give you much more time together. Hugs, Kathy

  3. Dear Franklin & Linnea, We continue to pray for the both of you. We love you and pray for peace, grace & hope. DeMar & Pat

  4. Thank you for the update. I continue to pray for you, Franklin as well as for Linnea. I understand about the disappointments and discouraging news. I hope this trial will be just the ticket.

  5. Keeping up with you long distance, Linnea & Franklin. You continue to be in our prayers. All our love, Tom & Anita

  6. thanks for the update info. So glad the family visited and picked you up at this time. we are hopeful for the new clinical trial and your new med for your spirit. you are taking a new step. we are as always with you. pat and demar

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