Health Update 14 June 2018

Again, we were on the 7:05 Seattle ferry for the scheduled Chemo session.  We arrived just in time for the 8 AM appointment and was greeted by Dr. Picozzi for the exam before any tests were started!  He found me to be healthy appearing, my weight stable and I have no discomfort or pain; he continued my same regimen of meds.  He said that the paresthesia may take some time to improve and may not resolve completely.  We queried about the Ca marker rise and he tried dodging it by saying one reading does not mean much.  Well today (result came in after his visit) the marker jumped from 2000u/ml to 4000u/ml since two weeks ago!!  He still wanted to wait after the next CT scan scheduled for my next visit in two weeks before making any changes.  This is somewhat of a discouragement.

I am otherwise doing well.  Wish my balance is good enough to at least go on the golf course to hit some chipping and putting but looks like that’ll yet be a while.

Deep heartfelt thanks for visiting and your continued care and concern.  Update after the CT Scan next visit.

Happy Father’s Day to ALL.

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