6 May 2018, Health Update

p.s  I have been searching my mind for the proper description of the paresthesia of my feet for I knew I had experienced these symptoms before.  Finally it dawned on me.  We all have had ‘numbed’ feeling in one or the other foot sometimes after sitting crossing our legs for a period of time.  Upon rising, not only do we have a heavy ‘dead weight’ leg, but also sensations of pins-and-needles tingling in the toes, accompanied often with a loss of balance.  This describes the way my lower extremities have been for at least three weeks, much more prevalent today.  Although able, I walk very unsteadily today.  Hopefully having stopped the Abraxane last Thursday, these paresthesia symptoms will slowly improve.

Health Update: 4 May 2018

Thursday, May 3, early rise for boat trip to Seattle on the 7:55.  We arrived at the terminal 12 minutes early, but the car capacity was at overload.  For once in a very few times we used our medical priority boarding pass and were placed in the carpool lane, at the bow of the boat, first in line.  Thus, behind the motorcyclists, we had front row seats watching the glorious Seattle morning skyline as we sailed.  Greatly appreciated the Good beginning of our day.

Again, we experienced an efficient staff and technicians at VM as they all performed their tests efficiently and uneventfully by 11:00.

Dr. Picozzi examined me around 12:30.

Blood works were unremarkable.

CA 19-9 rose slightly (996) but most likely still within normal limits. (WNL) of test variation.

CT Scan was a little puzzling.  The ‘older’ lesions seemed to be receding, but there may be suggestion of a few suspicious new one developing!  (though non-specific).  Dr. Picozzi commented that the result and report were conflicting.  The areas of ‘abscess’ monitored by Dr. Woolston showed slight shrinkage.  (I dose myself with IV antibiotic daily and she concurred to continue the current regimen since it causes me minimal inconvenience.)

Symptomatically, I continue to have less stamina and am more aware of losing muscle strength.  The lower extremities paresthesia is slowly and steadily getting more pronounced and more intolerable.  I have very little feelings at the bottom of both my feet.  From sitting to standing, I often lose my balance, having a sensation of falling mostly forwards.  I also stumble some when walking because I don’t feel my toes as I walk.  Sometimes, while walking, the bottom of both feet feels ‘pins-and-needles’ awareness.  Linnea is insisting that I start trial using a walking pole.  We requested a referral to have a physical therapy evaluation and that was promptly arranged today with the New Motion Rx on Bainbridge.  For this time, we also stopped the Abraxane agent as a trial to see if the paresthesia symptoms lessened.

As to the thinning of the mucosa membrane and development of ulcers in the mouth, it was better these last two weeks, but not completely resolved.  Because Dr. Picozzi eliminated Abraxane, he full-dosed my Irinotecan regimen.  (This agent most likely plays a greater role with my mouth sores!)  Oh, Well, although I’ve been on this med in the past and had not had problems.

Bottom Line:  I feel well, I don’t feel sick, my appetite is good, and I am maintaining my weight.  I mostly accomplish trying to exercise by (walk a mile day with Linnea’s urging).  Now with PT regimen onboard perhaps I’ll have more assistance in building more strength.

Again,  Deeply-Felt THANKS to all visitors.  Update in two weeks.