Health Report: 26 January, 2018

I had my Chemo therapy yesterday early, leaving Bainbridge on the 7:05 ferry. The visit and treatment were unremarkable. Blood was drawn, through my current port access and the nurse exchanged a new needle access to my Power Port for the reason that I am self administering IV antibiotics at home. They the tubing should be changed every week.

Dr. Picozzi came shortly afterward and did his usual exam and said my blood work indicated a go for Chemo treatment and that he would write the orders to get the process started. At that time I’ve not seen my lab report and did not know that my Cancer marker had risen to over 3200 unit.

Dr. Woolston, Infectious Disease Specialist, came to my infusion room and spent about 20 minutes consulting. Since my liver abscess is unapproachable because of its location, she and I both felt that until we distinguish radiographically, we have no idea of the efficacy of my current antibiotics. We know at presently that I am remaining stable with normal white counts and with no fever. The Flagyl oral medication must be taken about every 8 hours, three times per day and tastes exceedingly bitter. Dr. Woolston thought that I may want to switch to only IV with another medication with less broad spectrum bacterial coverage. I told her that as long as I am managing the current regimen, I’d prefer to stay this way, unless or until, I develop a sensitivity, and currently keep the other option as backup. I asked if there be any maximal dosage with what I am doing; she did not think that to be an issue. She totally concurs with my decision but was only suggesting alternatives for my discomfort and inconvenience with Flagyl. Nonetheless, we need definitive data to evaluate the status of the liver abscess. I told her that Dr. Picozzi was not planning the next CT scan until March. I said that at this point, over-radiation exposure is the least of my concern; I’d be willing to do weekly CT scans if that’d be helpful. She said Dr. Picozzi has to make the call, but she agrees and will be lobbying for me for earlier testing.

After arriving home, I wrote to both Drs. Woolston and Picozzi that I am firmly requesting that I get another CT scan at my next Chemo visit 2/8/2018. Hopefully Dr. Picozzi will make that happen.

Otherwise, I’m feeling well physically and am eating healthy. My energy level is now generally less, but on many days I still can manage to walk about one mile when Linnea ‘nags’ me to excise weather permitting. During this past month on two or three occasions I told Linnea that if the temperature was above the 50’s and not raining, I’d be considering golfing 9 holes with friends.
This report updates my latest my health status.

Again, you will never know my appreciation for all your cheering leading of me. Keep up your good work. Thanks to ALL !!!

2 thoughts on “Health Report: 26 January, 2018

  1. You certainly are a warrior! Thank you for your blogs which have allowed me to get to know you better. So happy for my friend Linnea that she shares her life with you. I admire your fighting spirit and pray for you and Linnea. As you know God works in wondrous ways, his miracles to perform; may you continue to be one of them.

  2. Very glad to know you are hanging in there, Franklin. I read your blog regularly, although I seldom “post.” Your bio sketches are wonderful.

    Love and best wishes to both of you,


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