Health Update: 6 November 2017

We made a visit to Virginia Mason today to discuss with Dr. Picozzi the result of the PET scan completed last Friday.  The result is “puzzling.”  There is no new metastasis anywhere else noted.  Good.  The solitary lesion in the liver remains little changed compared with the study done in February.  Good.  But there’s increased cancer growth activity in a portion of this lesion and there’s also decreased uptake in other parts of the ping pong ball size metastatic tumor.  Interpretation?  The present Chemo Treatment (together with my own immunity) has contained this tumor in part but certainly has not “killed” it.  Since I am near the end of my total dosage of Oxaliplatin, (and I am getting more paresthesia in my fingers) we made a decision to stop my current chemo regimen.  Dr. Picozzi offered three options: 1. Take a chemo holiday and see what happens.  2. Try another chemo combination.  3.  Biopsy the liver lesion again to verify the tumor cell type.  I decided to retest my cancer marker CA 19-9 which jumped up to 335 from 287 last week.  Not taking any chemo holiday, press on with different chemo combinations.

Linnea and I both asked if he had any other patients with similar lesion and responses to mine and he admitted that my tumor and my responses are unique.  We also proposed getting a second opinion among MGH in Boston, JHU in Baltimore or MD Anderson in Houston.  Dr. Picozzi strongly suggested Johns Hopkins.  I will make connections tomorrow to arrange a suitable time to make a trip to Baltimore.

Again, thanks for your interest and your love.  Appreciate the continual prayers.