Medical Report 4/24/2017

Started the day at VM at 8 am.

1. Blood work all on path towards normalcy.

2. PET scan — liver hematoma resolved, capsular cyst markedly reduced to be a scar. Previously active Cancer rim lesions, one is picking up less sugar (less active) the other appeared to be ‘dormant.’

3. Previous colonic
questionable lesion seemed to have disappeared. Apparently it was not a metastatic site.

4. No new findings of fresh seeding.

5. R Pleural effusion persists, but I feel asymptotic, and breathing normally, O2 saturation 99%

ALL Good!!!

Only negative is that the nonspecific CA marker increased from 40 to 80 although still much lower than the 457 on Feb 6 when the lesions were first discovered.

Restarting Chemo today.

Praise & Thanks be to God Almighty!! And to all of you. I feel your love enveloping me constantly. With much gratitude to Everyone!! 💜💜💜