To All my Followers, Happy Holidays

Christmas time is one of my favorite times because I love to sing Christmas carols and have most of them memorized by heart. Last year at this time, I was suffering from pulmonary edema due to my chemo treatments and lost my voice and the ability to talk or sing. Thus this year, this season, was more meaningful to me than usual. Linnea and I joined a small group from our church who visited and sang carols to a few of our shut-in members. On December 25/26, we celebrated Christmas with 5 of our 7 grandchildren, aged 8 months to 11 years. You know that’s also sweet music to our ears.

My last visit to Dr. Picozzi, my oncologist, was on 12/12/2016. The exam included x-rays of my chest which was clear. I also requested x-rays of my left shoulder which had been bothering me with a persistent discomfort since my flu shot almost two months ago. It revealed that I am getting old and developing arthritis! The blood works all showed improvement back towards normal. But somewhat of a small concern to me is that the cancer marker, CA-19-9, rose from 4u to 30u. Although per Virginia Mason standards, less than 37u is deemed WNL, a change of 6½ fold is puzzling to me. But I was told that since all previous readings were influenced by chemo treatments, I really have no info as to what my norm should be. We just have to wait on the retest in two months to get more information.

The reality is that I am gaining strength and appetite, maintaining my weight, and in fact feeling quite normal. I played a round of golf in the cold before Christmas and was not as exhausted as before. Dr. Picozzi reassured us that clinical indicators such as these are good, healthy signs. But to me, they are not unqualified and absolutely reliable signs of being cancer-free because I was feeling great before I was first diagnosed!

Well, I just have to wait a while to get more information. My next appointment is early February. We will do another CT scan for comparison.

Honestly, your kind thoughts and prayers are more appreciated than you can ever imagine. Keep your good energy and excellent vibes coming my way.

I wish Everyone Peace, Joy and Blessings; most of all good Health for the coming days. Happy Holidays, Gong Xi Fa Cai for our future. Hope that our days ahead will be much more civil and humane and that America will show more of her Best rather than her worst Ugliness.

With less Medical updates, at the request of some, I shall be writing more Biographical sketches in 2017. Thanks for visiting.