August 31, 2016

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I’m really doing well and have been leading a busy and full life. Linnea and I attended and participated in our ELCA Church-wide Triannual Assembly in NOLA for a week. Then we stayed as tourists, exploring the city and tasting the southern cuisine for 3 days. A special treat was the fortuitous meeting of niece Kim and her sister Kelly/friend at Brennan’s for dinner. On 8/17 we flew to NYC to stay with Auntie Eunice, Uncle Paul’s widow, her daughter Cora, my youngest cousin, and her husband Andrew Towle and their 4 children. They were the ultimate hosts throughout our stay. Then we attended Sharif’s wedding, brother of Shaheena, our daughter-in-law. The Hindo ceremony was thorough and impressive. We returned home on 8/22.
On 8/23, my brother Dan and sister-in-law Sue and my Mom arrived for a week’s visit. The next day, the 24th, I invited all my Seattle relatives for dinner at China Harbor, both for them to meet Dan/Sue and as a Thank You for all their support throughout my illness. We had 42 for dinner. Then on the 29th, Dan, two friends and I participated as a foursome in the fund raiser, Below the Belt Golf Tournament, sponsored by Virginia Mason Cancer Research. In the scrambled format, we shot a -4, a respectable effort, but far from a winning score. I have much greater appreciation of the tour players who shoot our collective score or better on a regular basis. Our company left yesterday.
Today, Linnea and I are in Portland, OR, accompaning my mother-in-law, Luann Enz, for her monthly ‘shot in the eye’ ophthalmic treatment.
Thanks for visiting.
Best to all of us.

August 7, 2016

I am reporting that I continue to be well. My strength is returning, my stamina is increasing, and my taste is returning back towards normal. This timeline was what I was working towards since I was elected a voting delegate to the church wide assembly in NOLA last spring 2015 before the discovery of my illness. Linnea and I leave tomorrow for a week in New Orleans for the ELCA church wide assembly, then we go to stay with Cora Towle, my youngest cousin, near New York to attend a wedding of the brother of our daughter-in-law, Shaheena, Marco’s wife.

We looked forward to these next two weeks of a change from our ‘medical’ routine that governed our lives for the past 10 months

Thanks again for all your good and kind concerns. We plan to live our lives as full and as normal as we are able.

God bless us all!