Pi Day, Monday 3.14.2016

I am feeling and doing very well.  Now off Chemo for 5 weeks, I did not realize how much energy the treatment had “sucked” out of me.  Last Wednesday we took a mini break and drove down to Ashland, OR.  We attended 4 plays at the Shakespearean Festival, stopping to visit friends and relatives in Eugene, Portland, and Tacoma.  We returned home on Sunday.  (Power out, no damage.)  I drove over 1000 miles and was not at all tired.  Linnea ‘forces’ me to walk with her at least two miles every day.

Today, I had an appointment with my Surgeon, Dr. Scott Helton.  Face to face, he was able to assess that I am physically fit to undergo major surgery.  Together, we evaluated my course of tapering dosage of prednisone and he felt that I am on track for penciling in a date in the next two to three weeks.  My O2 Saturation was 95-6% before and after exercise.  Dr. Helton said that statistics show 30% of pancreatic surgical patients may develop deep vein thrombosis and ordered an ultrasound of my lower extremities.  I had that done this afternoon and the radiologist read the study as ‘Normal.’

With the rest of the week ‘OFF,’ I may play some golf, weather permits!

Next Monday, after a repeat CT of my chest, I meet with Dr. Germino, my Pulmonologist.  Then I see Dr. Picozzi, my Oncologist.  They will confer and relate my situation to Dr. Helton, my Surgeon, who will be presenting my case at the Biliary Tumor Board on Tuesday, 3/22.  We should have a surgery date soon.