Monday February 29, 2016

Yesterday, 2/29/2016, we met with our oncologist, Dr. Picozzi.  Bottom line issue we are facing presently is that we want/must get prepared physically strong enough for surgery, currently projected to be late April.  But the greatest impediment is that the surgeon would not be operating with the pulmonary fibrosis as is.  Therefore, knowing that stopping the Chemo regimen abruptly may accentuate cancer growth, we must address the lung issue as primary.  Consequently, the decision was made to cease the Chemo therapy regimen completely for now and treat the lung problem with high dosages of prednisone, tapering over 20 days and continued usage of the inhalator medications.  Hopefully with these prescriptions and the tincture of time, the fibrosis of the lungs would respond positively.  Meanwhile, the residual persistent cancer cells which should have been weakened and sufficiently debilitated by previous Chemo, would be stalled or at least slowed even if they continued to grow.  Best outcome would be that going without Chemo during the projected possibly 2 months time frame, still be minimally detrimental regarding the operability as to the cancer situation.